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Chrome has sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
Silver Chrome already is famous for, but the sunglasses is one of the specialty, to evaluate the stand or fall of a pair of sunglasses, no doubt from the lens, frame, process from several aspects, from the several aspects below we together to look at the Chrome already how about sunglasses! 1, the sun frame: frame material: Chrome already sunglasses frames used in four different exotic wood: rosewood ( The deepest color and density of the strongest and most exotic timber, more durable than other wood) , Brazilian rosewood ( The highest quality of annatto, with its beautiful wood grain and is famous for its delicate color) , white strawberry tree ( Hardwood in the west and with the strength of the excellent performance and is famous for its resistance to fracture) And the American walnut, Used to improve the lens foot strength of fine walnut) 。 There are some frames were used in the natural water horn - — The Angle from Asia water buffalo, the cattle, do not belong to the protection or endangered animals. If the length of the buffalo horn more than three feet, only a small part of the raw materials can be used as a picture frame, so everything is unique - — Each frame has a unique beauty of natural colors and liberal arts. Mirror foot material: Chrome already sunglasses mirror foot in some will bring some leather, leather which are all very fine quality of Italian leather, with the passage of time can endure with time. Mirror foot are handmade, reflects the Italian leather quality and skill in the process of production. 2, the sun glasses Chrome already sunglasses in the market has the exquisite production process, all the frames are set with Carl Zeiss lenses, 5 layer antireflection coating and external hard coating. Zeiss lenses of the high precision and error of small achieved incredible point, the surface of the Zeiss lenses are precision is divided into 50000 points, which point represents the combination of 800 mathematical equation, the permissible error of each point is strictly controlled in 0. Less than 1 micron, so the strict quality management guarantee the perfect quality of Zeiss lenses, every piece of lens is finely crafted a perfect work of art. 3, Chrome, manufacturing process, has combined with the advantages of Italy and Japan - — Fine art in the world to make a manual plastic style of sunglasses. Components after 72 hours of repeated exposure, before the assembly for the luster of the largest and the most beautiful colour, everything after manual grinding and adjustment. Chrome already is the world's first on foot on both sides of the wooden mirror sunglasses using ultra-sensitive laser laser engraving, carving a mirror foot at a time. Chrome has sunglasses is also the first paragraph will/titanium alloy laminated wooden craft combination of sunglasses, to create more powerful feet and unique aesthetic. And Chrome has a wooden frame with special process manufacturing mirror feet, multilayer ultrathin wood cross layer pressure, forming strong sheet, then manual cutting, polishing mirror feet, ensures that the wearing comfort. Example: the sunglasses cover brand essence element - — Exquisite leather, metal, and wood. ” A clean, classic and stubborn & quot; As the Chrome has described the co-owner of Richard Stark aesthetic - — They represent consumers and Richard and Laurie LynnStark most success, the great love in my heart.
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