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Circular framework help you show MOE

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
Everybody in this show MOE network era, not show MOE was altman ( 在数量上超过) , no matter male star actress can sell good, then show MOE the universal skill, you master? Small make up today is to teach you a trick, that is using show MOE artifact, frame glasses! With it, show MOE is about every minute! Don't don't of simple. First let's look at the female star is how to use frame glasses show MOE. The two just ejiao and zhou xun, have recognized you? Ejiao well, zhou xun like this are not common, you have seen her as Bob and the lovely modelling of round glasses? Add up the corners of the mouth of a pleasant smile, good 'isn't it? Ejiao this style is a bit different, although with is round glasses, but other more art aron, clean and relaxed, smiled with dimples, sprout to you? Let's look at the male star. As you can see, these two just martial arts and nicky wu, martial arts called 'wu3 lin2’s of Lord' is not called false oh, you look at the sip up your lips, lovely eyes, deserve to go up big frame glasses, of fall off easily. Aye? Girls, don't lie on the ground, quick get up! Again to see nicky wu, du mouth du mouth see, show MOE regardless of age, wu boss also sell good sprout, small make up think this pair of big glass frame helped us a lot. Don't show MOE? You need a pair of glasses!
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