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Claeyssens Optic serengeti sunglasses special technology

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Claeyssens Optic serengeti sunglasses are all equipped with can be anywhere at any time to adjust the light intensity change color lenses. Claeyssens light-sensitive molecules in Optic sunglasses glasses are made in such a way, that is, they constantly adapt to light intensity. Eyes, therefore, not be forced, it also helps keep the eye fatigue. This is because the Claeyssens Optic glasses to remove most of the light, and adjust the light intensity. The stronger the sunshine, the serengeti sunglasses become darker. So these sunglasses technology focuses on the glasses, will remain active after years of use and protection. Even with glass, because the use of technology, the serengeti glasses will not wear. Flexible blue light filter Claeyssens Optic serengeti sunglasses is the blue light filter consists of a flexible, placed in the serengeti sunglasses. With this filter, you can see everything you want to see, and don't need to be seen. Spectrum control provides incomparable excellent contrast, by filtering out some colors to enhance the color of the visible spectrum. The result is color and clear image is clear, at the same time maintain good color balance. These glasses can reduce the glare of the harmful light, without distracting blue light, which can lead to eye fatigue and eyestrain. Flexible polarized glasses Claeyssens Optic serengeti flexible polarized glasses can be reflected from different surface light, water, snow, road, etc. The polarizing glass technology can eliminate glare, offset the eyes caused by fatigue and tension. Stop all UVA and UVB radiation. The serengeti we already know that they is famous for its technology, glasses are very creative. Recommended reading: polarized sunglasses and what is the difference between ordinary sunglasses serengeti has the following glasses in their collections. The serengeti driver is specially designed for driving these glasses lens, they are brown glasses, can automatically adapt to inevitable changes in traffic light conditions. As the change of light intensity, glasses decoloring, color gradient. The serengeti gradient mirror is the ideal choice of the driving, although it is also the most like the choice of the pilot. But actually is suitable for any of these types of glasses for vision protection and clear field of vision. The serengeti drive gradient glasses have excellent brightness and adapt to the light intensity. The driver of the serengeti polarization, like its predecessor, the serengeti drives are polarized, all technology can protect the eyes. This is the ideal choice of the driving, but also suitable for skiing and snowboarding. Versatile brown polarized glass can be used under the condition of the cloudy day, also can use in sunny weather, polarizing technology can provide additional protection. The serengeti sedona these glasses is especially suitable for skiing, surfing and sailing. There are other cases, there is extreme light intensity. Even in the most demanding conditions, the strong contrast enhanced pink Sedona glasses can also provide the best brightness and contrast. Serengiti Senoda polarized these very suitable for skiing and other types of related to the intensity of the extreme light exercise. By combining with the polarization technology and contrast enhancement technology, this kind of glass will provide the best protection. Even in extreme light intensity and conditions. So, if you choose a Claeyssens Optic serengeti glasses, is to choose the quality and technology attaches great importance to the glasses. These sunglasses are suitable for any occasion, although more expensive, but it is still worth the investment, after all, your eyes will be very grateful to you, because of tired eyes and exposed to light, will cause harm to the eyes.
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