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Classic item what RETROSUPERFUTURE sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
RETROSUPERFUTURE ( Also known as: SUPER) , comes from the famous Italian hand glasses manufacturer. RETROSUPERFUTURE by Daniel and Simon Beckerman was founded in 2007. Its products are mainly the sun glasses is given priority to, the design is shirt-sleeve tradition of classical and modern fashion elements, design style is very bold innovation, has a strong sense of the future. What are the RETROSUPERFUTURE sunglasses classic item? Recommended reading: take a look at those but classic sunglasses when 1, spring 2017 glasses series famous sunglasses brand SUPER ( RETROSUPERFUTURE) , insist on using quality materials and Italy all made by hand, to the raw materials is used the high quality of German Zeiss lenses and Acetate, more thoughtful special exclusive Asian face outline picture frame, the different parts of the world famous star favourite, fall 2016 2 large frame dumb smooth series RETROSUPERFUTURE since founded in 2007, with original ideas, exquisite craftsmanship and very bold and innovative design style. All the glasses to the RETROSUPERFUTURE can serve as a unique, in recent years is more popular in every corner of the world of fashion, but also wins the favor of numerous fashion celebrities. RETROSUPERFUTURE try new direction of design in the autumn of 2016, though still adopted the brand has always been bold modelling, but lively and tonal is replaced by the more suitable for seasonal color. Large frame with outstanding Zeiss inferior smooth lens together. 3, practical glasses series of 2015 autumn winters Carhartt WIP x RETROSUPERFUTURE joint glasses series of 2015 autumn winters is tokely, Farewell, and three glasses to design a version, Dickinson added tooling brand Carhartt pragmatism element, the individual character of fashion at the same time, also pay attention to the functional, enhance the wearing comfort. Signed a series of glasses with the outline of elegant feeling in a personal temperament of ascension, and fluent line feeling like a delicate cutting technology brought about by the excellent lines, elegant fashion and style has a distinct personality.
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