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Classic ray-ban: hikers series of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
Ray-ban sunglasses have been among the sunglasses brand, even can be said to be the ancestor of sunglasses brand. We often hear a is supposed to be the pilot series, close to the fire of the descendants of the sun's main song joong ki is the pilot series ray-ban sunglasses. But small make up today not to play, to give you another series introduce ray-ban sunglasses - — Hikers. Ray-ban RB2140 - F black box sheet blackish green fashion leisure male big yards sunglasses in the history of precipitation and bright colors make hikers series classic sunglasses in more than 50 years has always been synonymous with young, fashion and creativity. This series of pop art, all sorts of color jump, irregular geometrical strewn at random the unique fashion sense. Many stars also wearing the classic sunglasses. Audrey Hepburn wearing ray-ban traveler series in breakfast at tiffany's 'appearance; Love LadyGaga exaggerated modelling of days are travelers series capture the heart; Postpartum back immediately to lean into a bolt of lightning siyan huo street light make-up, wearing ray-ban traveler series sunglasses seems hot mama recent good mood; Supermodel Kate Moss, always lead the trend, which is at the forefront of a popular she is ray-ban traveler series fan; Kate is prince William was watching tennis championships, wearing ray-ban traveler series sunglasses, shade and fashion. In addition to this a classic hikers series sunglasses and other style recommend? Small make up to you to send an article: share ray-ban sunglasses styles, you can see the other styles ray-ban oh ~
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