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Classic round glasses in han drama all kinds of style do you have seen

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Although the drama would end, but the drama of the fashion collocation will always be hot. TV actors to role besides practice tone and attitude, etc, also will continue to study fashion style. Because the style is also better reflect the role of weapons. Such as glasses is one fashion accessory embody character traits. Han is a classic round glasses in modelling, can match a variety of styles, you have seen? To follow small make up and see it! Part1 love found Yin Xianmin, Eric sandrin Yin Xianmin in TV series 'love found' and the growing popularity of Eric sandrin as actor, and the two people have in common is wore round glasses. Yin Xianmin play 'all handsome hao' plastic surgeon, in order to better the role, choose to wear a half metal round glasses. Semimetal round glasses can not only bring a strong feeling, comfortable and joker incomparable. In addition, in the ministries of TV play major roles section chief Eric sandrin, in order to reflect the middle-aged image of gentle, also chose a pair of round glasses. Part2 jang na-ra 'fate I love you' can wear round glasses mold doctors, lawyers and other capable of intellectual image charm, instead can also build rural female image. Artist jang hyuk and jang na-ra since 2002 in the SBS drama 'clear girl' success cooperation performance, after 12 years through the fate I love you again hand in hand to cooperate, so before the show started drew people's expectation. Jang na-ra plays no sense, ordinary to temporary employees 'gold us and UK. The example ordinary jang na-ra whole modelling, put on a round glasses, emphasize a silly feeling. But the big advantage of round glasses can be put out of the dance the peacock effect. Part3 'it doesn't matter, love is zo in-sung SBS hit drama' it doesn't matter, love is 'zo in-sung with excellent performance, well received by the audience. Zo in-sung plays a perfect appearance 'fierce' Zhang Zai schizophrenia patients. Every time zo in-sung starred in TV series will be full of capable gentleman redesigns the fashion style, high-profile. Each series main demonstration concise sheet is tasted, perhaps with a tall figure, so every time the modelling of classic charm can highlight. In the TV series 'it doesn't matter, it is love ah,' zo in-sung in order to better the role of the writer, round glasses make the spell able to metal. To become sentimental autumn man, zo in-sung demonstration of metal round glasses is your better choice. Small make up after two were recommended for everybody to fashion round glasses: sagawa fujii plank + alloy 81233 tortoiseshell neutral myopia frame CK 5415 C221 boom unisex eyeglass frame 045 black
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