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Clever girl collocation is charm sunglasses and tassel element

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
Summer should be full of vitality and bright color, especially girls shall be filled with the more clever and fresh feeling, put on a pair of sunglasses can help you become more energetic. You also can try tassel element, whether on the clothing and accessories, are good oh ~ light blue half perspective tassel skirts, tie-in white short sleeve tee, originally small pure and fresh and also can be so sexy. Fashion buying Elina Halimi wearing green dress skirt, and matching tassel bag and the cat's eye sunglasses, show the charm of a mature woman. Jeans trousers tassel design, tie-in black loafers and concise black-rimmed glasses, comfortable and fashionable. Fashion bloggers, Alina Tanasa wearing black Chinese knot tassel earrings, tie-in white blouse, simple elegance, the Chinese wind to play out the unique style. Cool reflective sunglasses and attract the eyes from the tassel earrings and reduction of age a lot!
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