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Coat collocation fashion sunglasses all show sweet Europe and the United States

by:Eugenia     2020-08-17
What fall 2012 fashion, eyebrow in the United States, they don't have to deal with the first coat is the essentials of autumn, so take a look at how wet person tide fashion jacket and sunglasses, all show sweet fan in Europe and America. Grey pleated skirt design is very different, upper body straight, and sweet, waist waist design, a square frame sunglasses, there's kind of sweet in Europe and the fan in the atmosphere. Short of army green military uniform coat has distinguishing feature very much, and army green has been a fashion colour, plus clothes of tall waist design, will be more elongated shape of the curve, a simple fashion. With a pair of sunglasses, more in Europe and the fan. Bright silk material in the black of long coat, sleeve chiffon with drawstring, inside take white hollow out design sweater, big box round sunglasses, make simple black elegant. Unique paragraph dust coat grows in Europe and the United States's handsome style of cream-colored, sleeves rolled up slightly, casual and easy, chiffon stitching dress collocation, more show royal elder sister demeanor. Circular fashion sunglasses, elegant without losing affinity. Dark blue cardigan sweater inside build classic stripe T-shirt, skirt, cloth material bag square glasses, black bag restoring ancient ways, very institute wind restoring ancient ways of feeling? Loose knitwear design, the feeling of loose instead show thin, the design of hem very chic, skirts the tassel with a touch of dot sequins, and slowly gradient individual character is dye-in-the-wood, add a pair of fashionable sunglasses, contracted in Europe and the fan. Black accept small waist suit inside take big red stitching collar shirt, the printed pants, handsome and easy, big box sunglasses with the ornament of bright red lipstick, and it's very European and American fan. Title: coat collocation fashion sunglasses all show sweet Europe and the United States considers itself the article to sort out: glasses sunglasses factory network
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