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Cold frame under the sunshine boy through time and space

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
Appeared in numerous roles through time and space, having 's drama first niche' title. And with the hit TV series 'palace', also will push through time and space to the first-line niche on the mainland. Since its debut in 2011 after the big screen, he constantly involved in big-budget, tried a variety of roles. Late in 2014 that came after the life ', 'golden age', 'the Wolf TengTu', through time and space are starring role in the strength team, a hugely successful. 'Wolf totem' as full of literature and art, humanity during the Spring Festival of 2015 New Year movie, nearly 700 million at the box office film obtained in the first half of 2015 domestic box office in the third. For now, he has just finished shooting 'journey to the west third to play bones jing', plays the role of tang's monk, the film will be released in the Spring Festival of 2016. Has been to calm sven's image appeared on the screen of through time and space, has on the cover of the famous men's magazine 'men'. He was wearing Valentino black plank flat glasses, took a group of fashion, full-bodied shiny black frame set off his bottomless eye pupil, inhale the air all around like a general, amazing to suffocate. Cold eyes with Valentino streamline picture frame perfect combination, like invisible blade, cut open layers of camouflage, would warm his soft side show to the people, like the recent film 'the Wolf totem,' through time and space and the warmth of interaction between small Wolf, let us see his tenderness warmth. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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