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Cold winter, to look at the stars have recently in what to wear sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
Each star in all the year round, wearing all kinds of fashion item appeared in the public eye, and the sunglasses's presence is particularly high, because the sunglasses for them can prevent candid, effectively prevent being recognized, also have a big fan of sunglasses for them can be said to be a fashion and hide. But star in all the year round by wearing sunglasses style is different, so also let us take a look at this winter, star recently in what to wear sunglasses? Carina lau toad sunglasses with metal thin edge; After his 52nd birthday carina lau sent on weibo a few powers go hiking photos, also thank you for your birthday wishes to her. Photos of kelle elder sister is a metal thin side of the toad wearing dark sunglasses, casual sportswear styles on collocation, and the scenery behind, at the foot of the stone bridge fuses in together, look very comfortable, can also reduce age a lot. Flora and the all black look wearing sunglasses; Flora, this year the number of active in the public eye a lot 'from your the world pass by' MAO chicken believe there are a lot of friends in the memory. Recent flora wears a pair of all black look wearing sunglasses, deserve to go up her melon seed face, really when imposing manner is very, very nice atmosphere. Liyan tong and mirror sunglasses; This year's mirror sunglasses can fire to explode, whether it's stars or ordinary fashionistas, it may be said to mirror sunglasses fondle admiringly. Liyan tong recently wore a dark blue mirror glasses, dressed in jeans and a white coat very tide in Shanghai airport, see photo smile in the face of super affinity, so sunshine temperament you can consider in the winter to a pair of lens sunglasses. Cheney and double C type sunglasses; Double C type sunglasses is one of the hot style this year, China and South Korea have a lot of stars have the sunglasses. Recently, cheney returned to Shanghai from Beijing, cheney appeared in the airport in a gray hooded cloak, collocation of grey high help boots and double C type sunglasses, leisure and easy do not break vogue again. Recommended reading: there is no a tide sunglasses concave shape, cannot say and fashion be ma tianyu and type D glasses; Type D sunglasses go mostly cold route, and ma tianyu texture picture frame type D must choose a pair of sunglasses. But ma tianyu chose the extremely to the sunglasses, jumping style of type D sunglasses whether match on his handsome sunshine temperament or leopard grain coat, clothes are very suitable. Lovely day with round glasses; Round sunglasses in the pursuit of agitation restoring ancient ways, the position is high, but the round sunglasses is not so good control, especially the black circular sunglasses is likely to make you look like 'fortune teller'. A lively and lovely day recently wearing, full of fashionable color round sunglasses, how to enhance the level of appearance wear.
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