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Collect seven rainbow colored glass frame to summon the dragon

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
'Listen to come out? Yes, this song is jay Chou's 'rainbow'. We all know, the rainbow, there are seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Small make up today to collect the seven colors of glass frame, and see it together. Red is a warm, impulsive and strong colour: sunglasses factory sheet 2167 C6 red tide models all yards neutral myopia frame orange is a lively and lively bright color, warm color department is the most warm color: seiko H1060C1 gold pure titanium glasses man frame glasses yellow bright, brilliant, with the sun's shining, a symbol of the light up the darkness of the light of wisdom: sunglasses factory 5104 c4 yellow box blue leg panel frames plank unisex fashion picture frame glasses bright green is a very beautiful and elegant color, its vitality, a symbol of life: vogel VO5027 - D man glass frame W656 - S hawksbill box green legs cyan represent auspicious, cool and refreshing, far-reaching, happy: armani titanium injection 0 ea1023td black men 3001 half box myopia glasses frame blue is quiet, further, Europe as the symbol of loyalty to the country: sunglasses factory EP7069 unisex eyeglass frame C5 violet is the shortest wavelength of visible light waves. Purple is the perception of color, it is beautiful and mysterious, give a person deep impression, it is full of threat, rich and inspiring: sunglasses factory EP7064 unisex eyeglass frame C2 purple red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet seven kinds of color of the glass frame which color you like best? Compiling of seven kinds of color words small glasses, whether can summon the dragon?
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