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Color blindness treatment methods_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-11
Color blindness, a genetic disorder, is a visual defect. The lack of ability to distinguish a certain color is caused by abnormal photopigment of the cone cells of the retina. According to clinical manifestations, it can be divided into full color blindness and partial color blindness, and red-green color blindness is the most common in partial color blindness. Under normal circumstances, people who cannot distinguish colors at all and see only black, white and gray are called achromatopsia. Accompanied by high photophobia, frequent blinking, significant loss of vision, and loss of the ability to distinguish a certain color is called partial color blindness. What is the treatment of color blindness, let's take a look at it together. Classification of color blindness <1> Partial color blindness: refers to the loss of ability to distinguish only one color, such as red blindness and green blindness. Among them, red blindness is the more common one, becoming the first color blindness, and deuteronomy is relatively rare, becoming the second color blindness. <2>Total color blindness: refers to the loss of ability to distinguish all colors, and it is always black and white or gray and white when looking at objects. <3> Congenital color blindness: This type of color blindness is a sex-linked inheritance. Generally, there are more males than females, and the binocular vision function is normal but the discoloration is abnormal. <4> Acquired color blindness: This color blindness mostly occurs in some fundus diseases, such as some optic nerve, retinal diseases, etc., so it is also called acquired color blindness. Color blindness treatment method 1. Acupoint acupressure method: first press the 'Sibai acupoint' located 2 cm in the center of the eyeball with the index finger. When pressing, exhale and press the index finger for 6 seconds to improve the function of the glasses. During the pressing process, when pressing with eyes open, it can clearly judge the color, and when pressing with eyes closed, it can treat abnormal vision and pseudo-myopia. If the patient suffers from a strong color abnormality, the focus should be on the pressure right now. If this pressing activity is continuously performed, the color vision abnormality will be gradually eliminated. 2. Colorblindness correction lens: Wearing colorblindness correction lens is the most effective way to correct colorblindness. This colorblind lens is specially coated on the lens according to the antagonism of complementary colors to produce a cut-off wavelength effect, which can transmit long wavelengths and short wavelengths. reflex occurs. Wearing color-blind glasses can make the original color-blind pictures that are not clearly recognizable to be correctly recognized, and achieve the effect of correcting color vision disorders. Color blindness, as the most common eye disease in our lives, can be divided into congenital and acquired. If you find someone with color blindness in your life, remember to get treatment as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse.
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