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Color-changing myopia lens brand_lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-07
The color-changing film can be used indoors and outdoors, especially for people who are short-sighted. Even under strong light, there is no need to worry about the damage of ultraviolet rays. The color-changing myopia lens fully meets the dual purpose of myopia group, which is convenient, saves trouble, and protects against ultraviolet rays. There are many brands of color-changing myopia lenses in the market. Next, let’s take a look at the better brands of color-changing myopia lenses. ZEISS lenses are designed based on the structure of the eyeball and combined with the 'best curvature combinationThere are also many kinds of refractive index, which can better meet the needs of all kinds of people. Aspherical design, the edge of the lens is greatly different, and you can see things clearly and naturally. Suspicion lenses use lotus film, which is dust-proof, oil-proof and waterproof. Cleaning is simple, and it can also reduce the formation of fog. The color-changing design presents a transparent color indoors, which naturally changes color when exposed to light, fully resists ultraviolet rays and protects the eyes. Essilor Lens Essilor Group is currently one of the world's largest optometry companies, mainly producing and selling high-quality optical lenses. Essilor myopia lenses have excellent color-changing ability, which is much higher than ordinary color-changing lenses. If they are outdoors, they will naturally change color, fully resist the damage of ultraviolet rays, and care for the eyes. The smart ion technology is used on the lens coating. This film processing technology has the characteristics of good anti-dust, anti-stain, and easy cleaning. The whole lens has the functions of abrasion resistance, anti-glare, reduce reflection, stain resistance and antistatic. The outdoor ultraviolet rays of OULE lenses are very harmful to the eyes, especially in the summer sun. OULE color-changing myopia lenses change according to the clearness of the light. Indoors, the lenses are transparent and see things very clearly. Outdoors, the light is relatively strong, the lens naturally discolors, the color is darker, it is natural to see things, and the image is clear, which is especially suitable for people with myopia. The lens is light, the color changing effect is good, the things are clear and natural without deformation, and it is comfortable to wear. OULE color-changing myopia lenses not only have the characteristics of discoloration, but also have the characteristics of abrasion resistance and dust resistance.
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