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Color Contact Lens Diameter_Contact Lens_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-29
The diameter of colored contact lenses can be large or small, and colored contact lenses have the effect of enlarging the eyes. Some people think that the larger the diameter of colored contact lenses, the better. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Only the color contact lens that suits your diameter is good, let's take a look at the diameter of the color contact lens together. The diameter is the widest chord that passes through the geometric center of the lens. However, the appropriate lens diameter is not exactly the same depending on the individual's situation. For example, the width of the eyelid fissure of the Orientals is usually less than 15mm. If the diameter is too large, it will grind the eyes and even affect the opening and closing of the eyelids. The diameter of the color contact lens needs to be selected according to your own situation. Generally, the diameter of the black eyeball of normal people is regular. The average horizontal diameter of adult males is 11.4 mm, and that of females is 10.05 mm; the average vertical diameter is 10.13 mm for males and 10.08 mm for females. Many color contact lenses on the market greatly exceed these sizes. Therefore, the diameter of colored contact lenses is within 14mm~14.5mm. This diameter is more comfortable to wear, and it also has the effect of enlarging the eyes. If the diameter of the color contact lens is too large, it will affect the proper lens. Moreover, the oxygen permeability of colored contact lenses is worse than that of ordinary contact lenses. If the lens diameter is too large, it will also affect the oxygen permeability. Therefore, some large-diameter colored contact lenses such as 17, 18, etc. should not be chosen casually. Some are not suitable for individuals. Color contact lenses have the effect of beautifying the eyes and adding to the look of the eyes. In order to pursue the effect of large eyes, some people choose color contact lenses with extra large diameters. In fact, it is not necessary. The eyes look too big, not entirely due to the diameter It is caused by the radial pattern that gives people the visual effect. Don't choose the diameter blindly. If the diameter of the colored contact lens is too small, it will affect the optical area, the field of view becomes narrower, and the lens is easier to slide. Branded cosmetic contact lenses are generally not too big or too small, and most of them are 13.8mm, 14.0mm, 14.2mm diameters, and 14.5mm or more cosmetic contact lenses become large-diameter products. In general, large-diameter cosmetic contact lenses are not suitable for many people. If you wear it for the first time, you can wear 14 or 15 and it's almost the same. Later, you can wear larger ones, like the better Johnson u0026 Johnson cosmetic contact lenses 14.2mm, GEO gel 14.00mm, and Haichang cosmetic contact lenses 14.0mm. It is a relatively standard diameter of cosmetic contact lenses, and it is also very suitable for most people to wear.
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