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by:Eugenia     2022-01-29
Colored contact lenses are cosmetic lenses. Compared with ordinary contact lenses, colored lenses are used. They are particularly effective in brightening, enlarging and beautifying the eyeballs, so they are loved by many fashion lovers. However, whether the color contact lens is good or not, and the price of the color contact lens are one of the topics that consumers pay more attention to. The following editor will take everyone to find out. Color contact lenses are the third type of medical device products that directly contact the eyeballs. Quality assurance is very important. Generally, a pair of high-quality, bright-colored, and fashionable cosmetic contact lenses can be sold at a lower price of 100-200. Yuan between. However, different regions, different businesses, and different brands have different prices. For example, in some areas, where the house price is high, the shop rent will be relatively expensive, and the product price will be relatively expensive; the same is true for the merchant who buys it. The MTOC direct sales model can save half of the price. The price of color contact lenses is not only related to regions and businesses, but also different brands and different quality products. Most consumers who wear cosmetic contact lenses often know that compared with other brands, Johnson u0026 Johnson cosmetics and Bausch u0026 Lomb cosmetics are generally more expensive than other brands. The price of branded cosmetic contact lenses, such as BESCON cosmetic contact lenses, Fisscon cosmetic contact lenses, and GEO cosmetic contact lenses, is relatively cheap, about 100-150 yuan. At the same time, cosmetic contact lenses can be divided into five types: daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual. The shorter the wearing time, the more expensive it is. For example, the price of daily cosmetic contact lenses will be higher than that of other cosmetic contact lenses. Dozens of yuan more expensive.
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