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Color contact lenses ( Lenses) Let the stars more healthy and energetic!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Lenses in power today, well you see female stars that 'black as lacquer' or 'baby', behind the first don't busy, maybe it's just a pair of contact lens illusion. Because of the existence of the lenses, now there are a lot of senior eight ( Hexagrams) Friends see women beautiful big eyes, will want to go to find first deputy magnifying glass close to identify the true or false. So take a look at them, identify the beauty of the Chinese and foreign star 'pupil' metamorphosis. To be honest, ga is editor in the eyes of big beauty, really perfect to perfect facial features. High nose, big eyes a perfect face and chin, editing thought han ga in big black eyes are born, until found this photo. The pure wild boar MM are like her, one of the main reasons for a round face big eyes meet the perceived image of loli, unfortunately, she is also with lenses, magazine pages - showed a DE north maki MM eyes of actual size, piercing eyes after wearing the lenses. Guo guo, as you know, is it a boy in the middle of the skin, he also loves put himself on the blog from the pictures, just looking at the photos in blog completely look not to come out this is a small height is only 155 boys, his deep eyes in the photo is belowed and deep, discovered, take a closer look at the effect thanks to lenses. Guo's lenses a bonus for yourself. Positive materials is small eyes. Emily since Emily MM in green snake, sexy became synonymous with her. See photos, present and past face more than small a circle, eyes than a bigger size. Even bigger black eyes expressionless, had to sigh lenses magic power. Star of the beautiful, we have to learn two tips, how to be more fashion and moving, how to change to intellectual beauty. Charming Yang Yang mi is one of the most popular actress in new generation actor, the girl next door of affinity to Yang mi attracted many popularity, graceful and exquisite posture to countless people she crazy, her charming big eyes more power is dye-in-the-wood, tactfully and moving. Headline: color contact lenses ( Lenses) Let star more healthy and energetic articles editor: glasses sunglasses factory network
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