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Color glasses buying tips

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
As the weather is getting hot, also the enthusiasm of the people in the high inflation, look, in addition to a variety of beautiful clothes on the streets, striking is different fashion sunglasses worn by the eyes, and in these sunglasses is given priority to with color glasses, color glasses in recent years, with her unique charm, loved by the masses, but how many people really understand color glasses, when buying color glasses again to determine what the superiority of lens, don't worry, then introduce several simple ways to distinguish color lens quality. In accordance with the road. 591 grey lens universe of diamond crystal ball 1, two pieces of A3 lens color lenses is consistent high quality color lenses in addition to the surface is smooth, without any impurities, two pieces of lens color, degree of thickness must be consistent, different color, the degree of thickness difference, will make two eyes to accept the light is different, stimulating degree there is a huge difference, the serious influence eyesight, impair the health of the eye; So everybody when the choice must observe carefully to ensure the consistency between glasses two pieces of glasses. 2, color lens discoloration speed can also be the color lenses are of good quality in sunlight through the lens color changing the length of time, and returned to the interior color recovery time for judgment. Strong quality of high quality color glasses in sunshine to respond quickly, about 10 minutes or so, can reach deep color; Go back inside 20 minutes at the same time, you can find the lens color fully recovered; Compared with quality preference color lenses, inferior product color changing time needed for longer, serious bad glasses in strong sunlight, even color without any change. 3, color lens wearing comfort level why some color lens wear time is too long, can make the person feel dizziness, nausea, or landscape diversity and remove glasses watch, the quality of these are because of the color lenses do not pass, so, when choosing the dyeing lenses must observe, to ensure the color lens wearing comfort. In addition, when buying, you can take glasses, through the lens see distant scenery, rocking back and forth, up and down if there is no obvious discomfort is quality preference color lenses, even if you wear a long time, the product will not fatigue or differences clearly feeling to the person. By color lens surface smooth degree, whether the two pieces of color lens color changing speed, color consistency, color glasses lens wear comfortable degree this several methods, hope everybody away from the inferior lenses, all can give eyes to create a comfortable living environment.
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