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Color lenses for your eyes?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
Color lenses, say again 'photographic lenses. Because on the lens to join the silver halide, let originally colorless lens, meets the glare, becomes colored lenses, to do protection, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Quality qualified color lenses, can according to the light intensity change lens color, make the eyes from strong light stimulation. Is good for your eyes. The quality of bad color lenses, but the price is cheap, on the one hand, color changing time and recovery time are relatively slow, covering light effect is bad; Another division uneven dye, the effect of variation. Color glasses can be a mirror the mystery of the three with the principle of color glasses color glasses in the lens. In the process of lens manufacturing, mixed into sensitive to uv light material in advance - — Silver halide, and a small amount of copper oxide catalyst. In BianSeJing lens material, and is very similar to film exposure imaging changes in the process. Silver halide see light decomposition, into a lot of black silver particles evenly distributed in the lens, the lens appears dim, blocking the light, the color is darker. And film, however, is not the same, after the decomposition of silver halide generated silver and halogen atoms, still get together tightly. When the place is slightly a little bit dark, under the action of copper oxide catalyst, silver and halogen compound and generate the silver halide, the lens again became more transparent. Color lens discoloration speed and degree of depth and intensity of ultraviolet and the surrounding temperature. The stronger the uv discoloration faster, whereas the slower speed; The surrounding temperature is higher, the lens color is a little shallow, vice color slightly deep. With the progress of manufacture technology, color lens discoloration rate, especially the fading rate have increased, the interference of temperature on the depth of color is becoming more and more small. A lot of color lens has done pretty good such as cooperation with glasses sunglasses factory domestic wei star color lenses, international in accordance with the view road, such as color lenses are very good choice.
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