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Common complications and treatments of wearing contact lenses_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-28
Eye complications will not occur if contact lenses are worn strictly according to the rules, but many contact lens wearers often suffer from complications due to inadequate care of contact lenses or overtime wearing. Common complications of wearing contact lenses can be divided into: red eye or conjunctivitis, ocular allergic reactions, giant papillary conjunctivitis, corneal neovascularization and corneal infection ulcers. The main causes of conjunctivitis caused by red eye or conjunctivitis are: wearing contact lenses for a long time, the lenses are too tight, the blood flow of the conjunctival blood vessels is not smooth and pale, and it will cause red eyes for a long time. In addition, the aging of the lens, the accumulation of lens deposits, and the contamination of the lens due to inadequate care can cause eye redness or conjunctivitis. Treatment method: Stop wearing contact lenses immediately if there is redness or conjunctivitis, and choose antibiotics for treatment; during the medication, you can choose frame glasses to improve vision problems. The main reasons for allergic reactions in the eyes: the allergic reactions in the eyes are mostly because the wearer's eyes are allergic to the care solution, especially if the lenses are soaked in the disinfectant of the hydrogen peroxide series for a long time, the parameters of the contact lenses and Moisture content changes. And if the residual care solution is not clear and clean, there will be a burning sensation when wearing it. Treatment method: If there is a burning sensation when wearing contact lenses, it is because you are allergic to this kind of care solution, and you need to replace it with another brand of care solution in time to clean it up. Of course, tingling, burning, and allergies to the lens material are also caused, but this is extremely rare. If you are allergic to the material, you can choose contact lenses made of other materials, but it is best to give up wearing contact lenses and use frame glasses instead. Corneal neovascularization causes corneal neovascularization: most of them are due to long-term wearing of contact lenses or wearing contact lenses overnight, causing corneal hypoxia and edema; at this time, if the cornea is slightly traumatized, blood vessels will grow. Treatment method: If this happens, you should stop wearing contact lenses immediately; go to the hospital for treatment, and you can wear contact lenses again after the treatment is cured. Corneal infection and ulcers are the main reasons for corneal infection and ulcers: wearing contact lenses for a long time will cause hypoxia and edema of the cornea, and minor corneal trauma; if the corneal infection is not treated in time, the bacteria will cause the eyes to be sensitive to light, tearing, and eye pain. Treatment method: immediately stop wearing contact lenses for timely treatment, avoid strong light to stimulate the eyes during treatment; it is best to wear a pair of sunglasses when going out, not only to avoid secondary damage to the eyes by harmful light, but also to prevent dust from entering the eyes and aggravating the condition .
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