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Common misunderstandings of wearing glasses_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-03
Although there are many ways to correct vision, such as wearing contact lenses, laser correction of myopia, etc.; but the safest is to wear glasses. Many people still choose to wear glasses. Many first-time wearers don’t know some of the particulars of wearing glasses. What are some misunderstandings about wearing glasses that need to be paid attention to? Glasses are also required for 100 degrees of myopia. Many people think that only 100 degrees of myopia do not need glasses. , because I feel that the low degree will not bring great interference to my life, and if I wear glasses, it may also deepen the degree of myopia. In fact, for teammates who are already short-sighted, even if it is 100 degrees, wearing glasses can prevent vision deterioration. Wearing contact lenses for the sake of beauty requires high safety requirements for wearing contact lenses. If children cannot take good care of contact lenses as required, they may cause damage to the cornea and cause keratitis when wearing them. There are also contact lenses that should not be worn for more than 8 hours, and children generally spend more than 8 hours in school, so long-term wearing can easily cause visual fatigue and aggravate myopia. Deformation of the glasses frame Many glasses brothers think that they are ingenious, and they buy tools to adjust when they see where the glasses are deformed; glasses adjustment is a technical job, so consider whether the eye distance, nose pads, temples, and bridge of the nose match. So if the glasses are deformed, it is best to go to the optical shop to adjust, do not do it yourself. There is no need to wear glasses from time to time after wearing glasses. Many people worry that after wearing glasses, myopia is easy to deepen; in fact, the deepening of myopia has little to do with the time of wearing glasses. If you can't see clearly from a distance, you should wear contact lenses; if you can see clearly at close range, you can choose to take off your glasses. Everything is based on vision that does not affect normal life and wears without fatigue.
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