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Comprehensive analysis of chanel 2016 fashion sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
See anything chanel brand, many women should stop to look, it is, after all, women perfect and identity, taste in my heart. Fashion sunglasses let alone, concave shape now essential artifact. Chanel sunglasses is the trend of 2016 has attracted numerous fashion higher-ups, it not only look good, atmosphere, look is also very clear, the key is to wear long is also very comfortable! Below we together in parsing the chanel 2016 fashion sunglasses! Sunglasses profile product name: Chanel 2016 chun xia series show goggles China price: RMB 3500 other colors: purple, red Chanel ling plaid lens have qualitative feeling quite exquisite, outside there is a visible double C logo. But the volume and weight of the mirror box slants big, generally small package, is not very convenient to carry. Here, is Jin Xiaomei catwalk wearing this one. She was wearing the orange red. Ken beans good girlfriends Carla Large di who is this sunglasses models. ▼ lens shape shape of the goggles folk prescription, but not particularly evident edges and corners, suitable for all kinds of face. On both sides of the lens is connected between the design makes sunglasses covering the face area is larger, more show smaller, cover face artifact ha ha ha! ▼ lens details the sunglasses lenses are dark gray, light mirror effect is obvious, edge characteristics of Chanel ling texture clearly visible. Feel it uv protection effect is very good, wear after the sun is not dazzling! And see things very real, no serious change color, polarization phenomenon, there won't be put on after a sudden darkening of the world's feeling, this is really great! But the mirror is very easy to leave fingerprints, and the fingerprint watch clearly, so we need to constantly take glasses cloth to wipe. ▼ mirror legs details the design of its leg also is characteristic, closed curve up slightly. That is to receive will more occupy a space, mirror box/bag has a certain thickness. Its leg slants thin, front lateral double C logo. Its leg medial CHANEL logo front end. Its leg is not curved hook at the end, but the former narrow after wide linear, transparent white texture on the material, is beautiful. ▼ bazoo holds the details of this sunglasses nose is relatively independent, embedded in the sunglasses body back, adjustable, convenient when wearing, fixed on a human scale. ▼ sunglasses and the sunglasses are really very light weight, wear no negative tired feeling, will not bend on the bridge of the nose; Though its leg end no hooks, but not as nasal design combined with reasonable sunglasses self-respect, so Dai Jiu will not decline. This is real touching! The show goggles is men and women with oh, evaluating the dark grey especially joker. ( Red, purple is a few more halfback. ) In addition to portable, not need to be careful to prevent from scratching, model wearing feeling really very comfortable! Summer arrived, the sun is shining, into a sunglasses to reward ourselves bai?
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