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Computer settings for good eyesight_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-15
No matter what modern people do, computers are involved, so almost everyone has a computer of their own. Whether it is shopping, making friends, studying or working, computers are our good helpers. But everything has advantages and disadvantages, and computers are no exception. Compared with other electronic products, it is the type with the largest radiation. If you face the computer for a long time, it will have a certain impact on the eyesight, so today we mainly take a look at the computer settings for good eyesight. Computer settings for good eyesight 1. Computer monitor: The monitor must be faced when using the computer, so the light source of the monitor is also crucial. Each person's habits will be different, but in order to reduce the radiation of the display to the eyes, you can use an LCD liquid crystal display. 2. Computer refresh rate: The refresh rate mainly exists in the display, and its level has a great impact on the eyesight. A low refresh rate can quickly tire the eyes and make them unable to work for long periods of time. Generally speaking, the refresh rate of computer monitors above 85hz is less harmful to the human eye. However, if the driver of some monitors does not control the high refresh rate, it is also possible to adjust the refresh rate to 75hz. 3. Color settings: Generally, the color that has a greater impact on the color is white, especially the background color of the computer desktop and the background color of the web page. If the background color is white, it will cause the eyes to be very tired. According to the research and development of experts, green and blue are the best colors for the eyes, so it is recommended that when using the computer, it is best to change the background color of the desktop and the background color of the web page to green, which can relieve eye fatigue to a certain extent. Great for preventing myopia. All in all, when using the computer, it is recommended that you do not watch for a long time, and pay attention to proper rest. For example, after watching the computer for 1-2 hours, you can do some eye exercises, or look at some green plants in the distance, which can relieve eye pressure. , to protect the eyes from vision loss.
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