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Concave shape preferred sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Sun hits, suddenly the urban men and women independently set up colourful sunglasses on his nose. As if conveniently extract two or three color of the rainbow, lay down on the bridge of the nose. Two boxes and two pieces of color combination could be an infinite number of permutation and combination, how can not let a person dazzling. Lonely lonely curtain off with it, the stars sniper paparazzi with it, use it for free and unfettered holidays on a cool and refreshing world. Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses C7 black box silver leg/lens gray is just like western-style meal, pondering what dishes with what kind of wine can bring pleasant taste. We also to hide his eyes behind his sunglasses, spy on take off sunglasses wong grow into what? Sunglasses is a balance, one end of the code of fashion, the mysterious side yard. Ms sunglasses factory YC9709 sunglasses C4 hawksbill/lens gray face VS sunglasses - Round face: angular frame can weaken the outline, deep and implicit color lenses can reduce obesity. - - - - - - Square face: is the opposite of round face, need some rounded corners and a streamlined frame to soften the face. - - - - - - Elliptic: born to be an embryo child wearing sunglasses, pay attention to the proportion to the size is ok. - What's more, the nose is big picture frame can be worn to strike a balance. Small nose type natural need relatively small frame, light color, high beam of the frame makes the nose is long. The nose is too long with double beam lens shorten the nose. Inferior sunglasses just blocking the light, no resistance to ultraviolet light. Instead of pupil in the dim light scatter, absorbs more ultraviolet ray, for future cataract, retinal pathological changes of the stage. The color of the sunglasses from the health perspective, with the eye with gray, blackish green, brown, these color to compare nature to restore landscape types, reduce visual noise. Especially to absorb 98% of infrared light gray. Girls prefer pink lens wear after actually absorb light effect is not good, if you feel not the dazzling sunshine, mostly psychological effect. Eyesight is not very good in the elderly can choose yellow lenses, optical principle of yellow lenses can clearly express the landscape. Children's attention at the growth stage, good don't wear sunglasses.
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