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Conference, wang baoqiang play cool sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Conference, wang baoqiang play cool sunglasses, Beijing TV series 'my father is a' bench '' premiere conference held. Starring zifeng zhang and wang baoqiang. According to the producers, wang baoqiang and zifeng zhang is also very good, set during the break, two people together often study the script, as a set of small pistachio zifeng zhang also give wang baoqiang has brought a lot of joy. Clearance, zifeng zhang will take his usual share play little game and wang baoqiang, two people often play. Because the scene there is a lot of in the scene, wang baoqiang often teach zifeng zhang some action sequences, two people frolic, intimacy, emotion good let many people admire greatly. And talk about the cooperation, the second person is also very happy, Mr Vang powerful praise zifeng zhang outstanding performance for his age; While zifeng zhang said that strong brother treasure very will take care of man, taught her a lot of things, and his act together very happy.
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