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Contact lens astigmatism conversion_Contact lens_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-15
When fitting glasses, it is estimated that many people have already completed the optometry, especially now that you want to wear glasses in the middle, you must still have a precise prescription, and you also need a doctor to help you with the adjustment. And there are also many people with myopia and astigmatism. As long as you can ensure that your vision is correct, the glasses will definitely be more accurate. But if we have astigmatism and need to wear contact lenses, how is the degree converted? First, to determine the specific situation of optometry, it is recommended that you should go to optometry first, even if the current frame glasses are ok, but you should also check your eyesight every year. Once the degree and astigmatism have changed, you should change your glasses in time, so it is comfortable Sharpness and clarity are also good. So if we want to wear contact lenses, then we must first determine the degree of good. You can also communicate with your doctor that we need contact lenses, so that you can know what degree of astigmatism contact lenses you need. Second, the conversion of the degree of myopia Because when choosing Yining glasses for myopia, it is generally necessary to reduce 25 degrees, so that it is comfortable to wear. Because the lenses are different distances from your cornea, the power must be different. There will also be a comparison table of the degree of contact lenses, we can directly look at the degree in the table to buy contact lenses. Third, 0-200 degrees of astigmatism If the astigmatism itself is not very serious, in fact, when matching contact lenses, you can temporarily ignore the problem of astigmatism. In fact, everyone should also be very clear that the degree of astigmatism is not high. Wearing glasses during the daytime will not have a particularly big impact. If it is only astigmatism within 100 degrees, you don't have to worry about this problem. Fourth, high astigmatism It is not easy to choose contact lenses for high astigmatism. If the degree is not accurate, the effect of glasses may not be good. We can submit our prescriptions directly to the website, so that the professional optician will tell you how to choose astigmatic contact lenses, and the prescription will be more accurate.
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