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Contact Lens Degree Conversion_Contact Lens_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-17
When everyone is wearing glasses, some friends do not understand the choice of degrees. This involves the conversion of degrees. The degree of optometry is the degree of frame glasses, but the degree of frame glasses is not exactly the degree of contact lenses. This is Because the frame glasses stay on the eyes, there is a little distance from the eyeball, and the contact lenses are directly attached to the cornea. This distance causes the difference between the degree of contact lenses and the degree of frame glasses, which needs to be converted. , Let's take a look at the conversion of contact lens degrees. The following degrees are for reference only, and the actual situation also needs to be selected according to the specific situation of the individual. Refraction degree Frame degree Contact lens degree Refraction degree Frame degree Contact lens degree -3.75-3.75 -3.75 (lower than -4.00 without conversion) -7.75-7.75-7.00-4.00-4.00-3.75-8.00-8.00-7.25-4.25-4.25 -4.00-8.25-8.25-7.50-4.50-4.50-4.25-8.50-8.50-7.75-4.75-4.75-4.50-8.75-8.75-7.75-5.00-5.00-4.75-9.00-9.00-8.00-5.25-5.25-5.00 -9.25-9.25-8.25-5.50-5.50-5.00-9.50-9.50-8.50-5.75-5.75-5.25-9.75-9.75-8.75-6.00-6.00-5.50-10.00-10.00-8.75-6.25-6.25-5.75-10.25 -10.25-9.00-6.50-6.50-6.00-10.50-10.50-9.25-6.75-6.75-6.25-10.75-10.75-9.50-7.00-7.00-6.50-11.00-11.00-9.75-7.25-7.25-6.25-11.25 -9.75-7.50-7.50-6.75-11.50-11.50-10.00 If the degree is relatively low, less than 400 degrees, generally does not need to be converted. For example, if the degree of myopia is 350 degrees, the degree of choosing contact lenses is -3.50. If you don't have myopia, choose a flat light, which is 0 degrees. There is a difference between the degree of contact lenses and the degree of frame glasses. The higher the degree, the more obvious the difference, so it needs to be converted. Under normal circumstances, the conversion of degrees has a level, between 100 degrees and 500 degrees, every 25 degrees, between 550 and 1000 degrees, every 50 degrees. When converting contact lens degrees, if there is no identical When choosing the degree, choose the lower point than your conversion, and follow the principle of lower and not higher. The optometry result is 450 degrees of myopia, the contact lenses need to be reduced by 25 degrees, and only 425 degrees are required. If there is astigmatism within 100 degrees, add one-half of the astigmatism to the refraction, and you are happy to replace it with the corresponding contact lens. For example, myopia -4.50 astigmatism -0.75, according to myopia degree -1.00 astigmatism, myopia degree plus one half of astigmatism degree, when converted into contact lens degree, there is no corresponding contact lens degree, choose the degree of low point, For -4.50; if it is myopia -4.50, astigmatism -1.00, the resulting myopia is converted into contact lens myopia -4.75.
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