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Contact lenses suitable for evening wear_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-18
Everyone knows that it is not suitable to wear contact lenses and cosmetic contact lenses at night. Wearing it for a long time can easily cause hypoxia in the cornea and cause related eye diseases. And this kind of contact lens worn at night, you don't need to bring it during the day. In fact, it is a kind of orthokeratology lens, also called OK lens. Let's take a look at the contact lens worn at night. The contact lens worn at night is a rigid corneal plastic lens that is directly attached to the cornea. The lens is composed of multiple arcs and has a special geometric shape. The fluid pressure generated by the tear fluid changes the shape of the cornea. To achieve the purpose of controlling myopia. Because there are multiple arcs in the lens, and the distribution of the lens and the tear layer is not uniform, under the mechanical action of the tear fluid, the curvature of the cornea becomes flat, the eye circumference is shortened, and the vision is improved. This is its corrective principle. The contact lens worn at night can correct myopia from a principle point of view, because the eye axis becomes longer in the case of myopia, and this principle is to shorten the eye circumference, but this kind of contact lens worn at night also has a certain risk. Moreover, the decline in myopia is not comprehensive, some can improve vision, some are not necessarily, so some netizens ridicule that it is suitable for special groups of people. The more important thing is that this kind of contact lens needs to check the eye condition. It is generally customized and not suitable for anyone. Contact lenses worn at night need to be done according to the doctor's requirements, and eye examinations are also required. Because the contact lenses worn at night are worn directly on the eyes, it is very important to take care of them. If the situation is not in place, the eyes will be easily infected and cause eye diseases. In severe cases, ulceration will occur, so wear them. Be cautious. The production of contact lenses worn at night is very strict. If it is not a qualified product, it will cause great damage to the eyes. Contact lenses worn at night cannot cure myopia. If necessary, it is more appropriate to wear a pair of glasses that suit you. When using your eyes, you must use your eyes scientifically to better suppress the development of myopia.
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