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Contestants, myopic optical glasses photo

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Contestants ( On November 30, 1977) , the mainland male singer, music producer, sichuan art college of popular music teachers, is an excellent accordion players, has won domestic and international accordion competition award. Hosted by hunan TV's 2007 happy boys chengdu ChangQu game, as the semifinals ChangQu for 48 hours to break the strong and successful promotion of the nation's 13; Into 9, 11 in the finals for the ultimate PK SMS votes lost to come to and regret, won the national tenth, is recognized as the strength of 2007 Chinese music sing nice singer. In September of the issuance of the first personal single wing of the shoulder. In the subsequent years offering the full of love, 'love the choice of' two albums; Contestants have to sing the theme song for more than ten films and episodes, the content ratings, not only the theme song and the episode also caused the fans and the media continue to search and buzz, gain high reputation and good ranking, the contestants, gradually developed into a new generation of 'the film and television play god', and released on May 13, 2012 third album, the first presumably songs 'hear time'. Recently, the singer contestants for the tennis master filmed the photo of a group of fashion, with his unique perspective to describe music and tennis. According to both inclusive, but also soft also just. The modelling all show the other side of the contestants, warm good man. Contestants, myopic optical glasses photo images from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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