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Cool 3 d printing telescopic sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
3 d printing in the guest is very popular, because the technology allows any individual creative spark to start from scratch to create something entirely new. For gen geeks, they like to stay at the guest with like-minded people in the space. Sometimes, there are some people, such as social news site Reddit contributors, they just put the idea, design and 3 d printing on Reddit, see what happens. Yousif Ashoor is one of them. He decided to make a pair of according to whether there is a certain number of ultraviolet ray, and around the eyes move back and forth and sunglasses. Yousif Ashoor from popular video game series Deus Ex preview trailer. He said: 'after to see some of the trailers Deus Ex, I'm going to create these glasses. I think it is necessary to use 3 d printing and design, something that resembles the Adam Jenson. Yousif has collected a lot of valuable information on Reddit, although many Reddit comments are in doubt this kind of aesthetics, they are also afraid of automatic shadow slice so close to the eyes. Yousif used Zortax M200 3 d printers, and improve the Solidoodle 3 d printing parts ( Thingiverse provided free of charge) 。 But for the details of the sensor and the work of electronic components has not been Shared. Yousif mentioned Arduino Nano and some basic lithium battery components. Yousif said you can use YouTube technical contributor Ben Heck to get some guidance from the bionic sunglasses. At present, the world really need automatic retraction of the sunglasses? The answer is uncertain. But their functional sunglasses faster than based on chemical reactions, and more scientific. Yousif sunglasses may initiate the raise on Kickstarter, we are looking forward to. Glasses net article comes from China, we are committed to promoting authority, professional knowledge, such as the influence of original rights and interests, please contact the small make up, we will delete the first time. E-mail: kaity @ yichao. Cn
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