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Correct selection of high quality sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
Temperatures and the sun is more and more intense, a lot of people have to buy a sunglasses, many businesses will take advantage of this hype the function of the sunglasses, many customers are rolling in, various style, there are a lot of people buy all kinds of price. It is understood that the choose and buy of customers about the sunglasses is a view 'and now the sun is very strong, very dazzling, out since the choose and buy some sun protection equipment, basic all color sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet ray, so we prefer some green, red etc. It's cool sunglasses', actually this kind of view is wrong, sunglasses has the function of defence ultraviolet keep out light but is not to say that the tinted glasses sunglasses, many inferior blinkers on market, do not have the function of the sunglasses, instead will hurt eyes. How to test the quality of the sunglasses? Some simple methods, can take the sunglasses to the lights, see the lens with and without air bubbles, flaws, if have the lens quality is unqualified, can also take the sunglasses, through the lens to observe objects, such as found object linear distortion, etc. , also suggests that the sunglasses quality is not pass. Not all at the same time, the expert reminds, sunglasses, some of which have eye diseases such as glaucoma, retinal inflammation citizens should not be wearing sunglasses, and some of the children for visual function is not yet development to more normal levels, so also should not be wearing sunglasses for a long time. So the choose and buy sunglasses can casually, want to go to a regular store, choose good quality products, to protect our eyes is the first priority.
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