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Correct use of eye drops_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-04
Many eye drops on the market now have a very good effect on relieving eye fatigue. Some of them also have a cooling sensation. Therefore, many people also use eye drops just to take a break and change their mood. Comfortable. However, it is said that excessive use of eye drops will cause a burden on the eyes. So, I consulted Dr. Itoi Susumi at the Dogensaka Itoi Eye Hospital about the correct use of eye drops. 1. There are more eye drops that can only be ordered 4 times in a day. Dr. Xijing: First of all, except for the 'artificial tears' type eye drops, other eye drops are more suitable to be ordered only 4 times in a day. . I hope people who exceed 4 times a day can be vigilant. In particular, the COOL series of eye drops, which can make the eyes feel 'cool and refreshingTherefore, it has a very rapid relieving effect on the symptoms of eye congestion and eye swelling. However, if it is used too frequently, it will make the eyes more prone to congestion. Second, vasoconstrictor is a commonly used substance in eye drops. Vasoconstrictor is a commonly used substance in eye drops, which can force blood vessels to contract and expand repeatedly. As a result of this development, the blood vessels will lose elasticity, resulting in easier expansion and always in a state of congestion. People who do not understand this principle use eye drops more frequently because of eye congestion, which is easy to form a vicious circle. In addition to preservatives, some brands of eye drops on the market also contain irritating ingredients such as menthol. Preservatives will make the cornea more susceptible to injury. In addition, although COOL eye drops can refresh the eyes, the COOL type is generally divided into several cooling levels. The higher the cooling level, the greater the irritation to the eyes. Those who like the COOL type may wish to choose level 2 or level 3, which can enjoy the refreshing sensation without too much irritation to the eyes.
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