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Correction of vision with contact lenses_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-13
Some people have heard of wearing contact lenses to correct vision and suppress the development of myopia. This kind of contact lens exists, and it also has a certain effect, but its risk is relatively high. It is better to wear frame glasses. Let's take a look at the contact lens to correct vision. Orthokeratology lens or OK lens, this kind of hard contact lens can correct vision. The principle is to wear it at night while sleeping. Orthokeratology is used to flatten the curvature of the cornea, shorten the axis of the eye, and reshape it under the combined action of eyelids and tears, so that the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball is shortened to suppress myopia. The role of. However, although this kind of hard contact lens can achieve true vision, it also has side effects. This kind of contact lens is directly applied to the cornea, which has a greater abrasion effect on the eyeball and cornea, and the damage to the cornea is one-time, so the risk is relatively high. Experts also pointed out that although this kind of contact lens can restore the cornea to its normal curvature and thus restore vision, the rebound is relatively serious and cannot restore the cornea to its original shape. Therefore, it should be used frequently and cautiously. If it is a coated contact lens of poor quality, the consequences will be more serious. Some unqualified orthokeratology lenses can directly cause serious damage to the eyes and cause permanent damage. There are many complaints of this kind, and they have been banned from use at one time. Therefore, there are very few such hard contact lenses on the market. In addition to the impression on the cornea, there are other side effects, including sensitivity to light (phobia), eye irritation, burning sensation, itching (irritation) or other eye pain; and if you want to compare it for the first time Wearing comfort is poor; sometimes you will feel a foreign body sensation or scratched area in your eyes; some even have a lot of tears; some will have abnormal eye discharge; red eyes; weakened visual acuity (poor visual acuity) )Wait. These side effects will affect vision. Therefore, we must be cautious. There is a risk in correcting vision with contact lenses. The best way to correct vision is to use optometry glasses to be safer and more reliable. For children, use mydriatic optometry glasses. The optometrist reminded that optometry glasses should be selected in a formal place, whether it is optometry or optics is guaranteed.
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