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Correctly match contact lenses_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-24
No matter what kind of contact lenses or contact lenses you like, prescription or flat, many people are not particularly familiar with contact lenses, resulting in the choice of contact lenses that are not particularly suitable for them. For how to correctly match contact lenses, in addition to knowing the individual's refractive state, the parameters of the contact lenses and the related information of the lenses are very important. Let's take a look at the correct matching of contact lenses. The quality of contact lenses is very important. After all, they are directly attached to the cornea. If the quality is not good enough, the damage to the eyes will be great, and in severe cases, blindness may be caused. Therefore, when choosing contact lenses, it is necessary to see if there is a registration certificate issued by the State Food and Drug Administration. After the contact lenses have been tested, they are relatively safe to wear. If you have myopia or astigmatism, when matching contact lenses, you should choose the type of contact lenses that are suitable for people with astigmatism. Therefore, when choosing, be sure to carefully understand the parameter information of contact lenses. The degree of the eyes needs to be converted, and the data after the conversion of the degree of contact lenses is generally the degree of contact lenses. Whether it is the diameter of colored contact lenses or the diameter of ordinary contact lenses, this choice is also different for people with different eyeball sizes. Some are just blindly pursuing the enlarged effect brought by the lens. In fact, your eyes are not suitable for wearing such a large size. The result is uncomfortable wearing, and it will cause damage to the eyes in the long run. The size of the lens depends on the size of the individual's eyeball. Choose according to the condition of the eyes. For example, if some people have dry eyes, they cannot choose those with high water content. It is better to choose those with low water content. If some people have a busy life and don’t have so much time to clean their contact lenses, they can choose daily disposables; if they are often exposed to the sun, they can choose UV protection.
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