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Count the sunglasses at the airport in the star

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
If you look carefully will find that the sunglasses for those stars, in addition to the sun, cool, and a role that is covered his face. Stars always running around, it's busy airport, has low star wearing a hat, with a pair of big box fashion sunglasses, some still wear masks, the emergence of the fully armed at the airport, for fear of others of the face, recognize her! Small make up next led everyone to count once the sunglasses at the airport in the stars! 1, hot mom Yang Yang mi sunglasses at the Shanghai airport bull-puncher skirt without makeup and assistant in the Shanghai airport, 'hot mom' cowboy short skirt collocation skate shoes maiden temperament, busy when she saw the camera sunglasses Semitic, pushing your bags and assistant to security. Along the way, Yang mi were followed by assistant action seems to be afraid of getting lost in the airport, only confirmed only after the track in the front. 2, ajit turns dark glasses nanny appeared in the airport the other time, ajit appeared in the capital airport, ajit hip-hop is dressed up as usual that day, cap, cool sunglasses, so a pair of fashion dress up at the airport had become a nanny, take a small NanWa around the age of 6, 7 towns, let a person in distress situation! Again and I will be late to the airport, the little boy is very naughty, see what all the fresh, took, urgent moment how the teacher hand gripped the boy dare not loosen, about what the teacher was almost forget to take your luggage. 3, no black super Dan king appeared in the airport don't forget to take the king no Dan 7 in the evening the body wears a pair of black and white coat with black trousers neutral spell able to dress up in the airport. Sunglasses cover her face with friends to handle the check-in, and leisure and play with phone self-time, relax and left shaking right sway yawn around with girlfriends, uninhibited gaudy is dye-in-the-wood. 4, fan bingbing was reflective glasses appeared in the airport personnel carries an umbrella big brand recently, fan bingbing in Harbin taiping airport VIP passenger channel. In Harbin taiping down from the plane at the airport, fan bingbing, ride in a specially prepared shuttle buses arrive VIP channel. Accompanied by assistant went out of the airport, the fan bingbing wearing casual dress, with a picture of a gem blue sunglasses, wearing a silver hairpin, expression easy all the way. 5, li-ying zhao sunglasses mask fully armed li-ying zhao before appeared in the airport in dark glasses and masks at the capital airport, unlike the little fresh hot scene appeared in the airport, the 'little fresh female' not only no one to pick up, but also because the parcel too sealed without being recognized, and the day she only brought an assistant, no big brigade surrounded, a bit lonely. But li-ying zhao seems to ostentation and extravagance of what all don't care, are in their own world. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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