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Crying and swollen eyes are very harmful, and there are coups for quick swelling._Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-29
When we encounter difficulties, we will cry happily, so as to excrete psychological grievances and depression, but in the process of crying, it will cause red and swollen eyes. If the swelling is not removed in time, the harm to the eyes is relatively high. Large, especially for female friends, seriously affects the appearance. However, when reducing swelling, you should master the corresponding coup, so that the effect of reducing swelling is better. Crying and swollen eyes are very harmful, and there are coups to quickly reduce swelling. First, after we cry, we can use a cotton swab to dip some salt water or some milk and apply it on the eyelids, but when applying it, it should be gentle. Do not use excessive force to avoid secondary damage to the eyes. Using this method to reduce swelling can make the eyes more comfortable, and the swelling effect is very good. Of course, if conditions are limited, you can also use frozen milk compresses. Second, you can use high-concentration saline to smear the eyes, mainly using the principle of high osmotic pressure to reduce swelling. Apply saline over the eyes to force moisture from the eye to drain away from the eye drain. Of course, when smearing, you should also control the temperature to avoid scalding the skin of the eyes. At the same time, you should also understand the specific operation method, put the salt into 500 ml of warm water, the water temperature is better controlled at about 40 degrees Celsius, and then stir the warm water evenly. Put the gauze in warm water, let the gauze fully absorb the saline, then fold the gauze into an appropriate size and apply it on the eyes for about 20 minutes. Third, you can also use a cooled black tea bag for application. Usually, the cooled black tea bag is applied to the eyes for about five minutes. Tea contains minerals that can reduce swelling.
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