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Custom sunglasses what factors should be considered

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
Winter, wearing glasses lying in the sun and enjoy the sunshine, pleasant will inevitably have some feeling, dazzling and myopia sunglasses can solve this problem very well. But myopia sunglasses although largely solved the myopia wear sunglasses, however myopia sunglasses does not like ordinary optical glasses often wear, also won't be able to completely replace ordinary optical glasses, this is because the sunglasses is likely to cause certain harm our eyesight and glasses health. So at the time of custom sunglasses, there are many factors to consider. 1, understanding the types of sunglasses. Now in the market of sunglasses are hanging clamp plate myopia sunglasses and integration of myopia sunglasses, the former has the advantage of convenient switch, and economical, but the disadvantage is that a lot of clamping piece the size of the sunglasses are not suitable for ordinary glasses; The latter has the advantage that can do some vigorous exercise and more fashion style, but need to optometry customized, the price also will be higher. 1 sunglasses factory. 67 myopia sunglasses base bending dyeing myopia glasses 2, considering the material of myopic lenses; To ensure that the image is clear, myopia glasses lens will have certain diopter. But under normal circumstances, sunglasses are flat. And myopia sunglasses is to combine the two, there will be a degree of lens by a special process for dyeing. Therefore, when people choose sunglasses, the first thing to consider to choose what kind of lens, had better choose big bend ( Big radian) The resin lenses. 3, taking into account the myopic lenses color; Color too shallow myopia glasses lens filter effect is small, too deeply affect vision. Suggest choose gray or dark brown lens, so grey lens color distortion degree at least, to see the most true, applicable Yu Mingliang, sunny weather. ; Dark brown lenses can slightly more color and contrast, reduce glare effect, improve contrast in cloudy weather, suitable for daily wear, especially in sunny weather. Glasses sunglasses factory network gives you the ash, tea, green, dazzle colour and various color sunglasses, want to choose sunglasses you can go shopping, believe that there is always a color that suits you. Recommended reading: how to let a myopia sunglasses male bi case of 4, choose myopia sun picture frame size; Myopia sunglasses to frame size requirement is higher, in principle myopia sunglasses should choose small box type equipped with sunglasses. Such myopia sunglasses with out will be more beautiful, thin and light. Sunglasses factory 9803 c3 frame black lens grey frog mirror polarized sunglasses sunglasses 5, if you are myopic degree is more than 600 degrees; Myopic 600 degrees with myopia glasses already with difficulty, if again because of myopia sunglasses lens color effect, can lead to see things very difficult. So don't recommend people over 600 degrees myopia wear sunglasses. Want to choose suitable to oneself myopia sunglasses to consider many factors, always let a person feel a little confused, a lot of people don't know where to go with good, and myopia sunglasses also need to customize, many glasses for platform have no corresponding products. So suggest to glasses sunglasses factory network consulting and custom sunglasses, the website's customer service will give you a detailed answer of sweet.
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