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Cute round glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
After the New Year, see to still have a month to the New Year, it also becomes more and more cold, walking in the street see each sister wear a warm warm. How can the winter had less of a man's wool hat, wool hat? Presumably every girl has a heart buried or deep or shallow girls! ! ! ! Small make up today to tell you, warm hat and a pair of round glasses, let you MOE to have no limits! Small make up today's welcome rolls I the goddess of the running man for example explain for everybody. Hot in South Korea variety show 'the RunningMan,' female members of the running man is different from general female stars look carefully, she often slovenly, relatively casual dress, pretty easy-going, she has been a lot of the audience's favorite. Especially when she without makeup look with a pair of glasses, showing the different kind of different style. A baseball cap with a pattern of animal match round glasses, appear small cute. No cornice cap collocation frame glasses, create belong to her style of the wind. Round glasses make running man smile sweeter, face more delicate, poured out of a the audience. A pair of round glasses, add warm line cap, go to create belong to you of warm winter air!
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