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D&G sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Dolce & gabbana ( DOLCE& GABBANA) The company was founded in 1985, headquartered in milan, Italy. Its brand name is by the famous Italian designer domenico? Dole cut ( DomenicoDolce) And stefano? Gabbana ( StefanoGabbana) A mix of surnames. D& G special style restoring ancient ways in the world of its own. In full of the flavor of emotion, tradition, culture and the Mediterranean world, D& G brand development to today, has become one of the major international group in the field of quality. D& G sunglasses? D& G sunglasses for free, informal design showing the metropolis culture, from the streets, music inspiration, deduce individual style, go beyond the limitations of various established the box. At the same time, the products always keep the fashion style and excellent quality, have very high fame and reputation in society. D& G sunglasses spirit, uphold the tradition of the Italian design not only high quality materials, more with the consummate craft, special ornament in detail place, into the current fashion element, infiltrated every field of life.
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