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Dad where the ultimate journey star sunglasses appearance fathers snow

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
'Where dad' program since its premiere, ratings soared, five groups of father and son, father and daughter by netizens. Today, 'dad where to go' in the first quarter is about to close, after a standing ultimate journey came to snow in Harbin. Guys in the ice and snow together, for the journey after covered with a layer of color of fantasy. Although the program has not yet started, but was revealed in the process of filming scenes on the net. Careful friends noticed, dads are put on the sunglasses in the snow. In fact, in previous program, your dad's sunglasses are often appear. This had to let people suspect, star suspected great play handsome dad. However, in the depths of winter snow, wearing dark glasses and a bigger role. Sunlight contains more ultraviolet rays, usually they are of various gases in the atmosphere, water vapor, dust absorption, and scattering by an object and the ground, filtering, thin. However, the white snow to ultraviolet (uv) absorption less, reflect the strong. When travelers eyes after intense ultraviolet light into the snow, can produce photosynthesis, after 6 ~ 8 hours of incubation period, the eyes will have severe photophobia, tears, foreign body sensation, eyes can't open, can appear even have intense burning sensation, and feel severe pain, this in medicine is called 'snow blindness'. Snow trip is to filter the harmful rays, sunglasses protect your eyes. Nowadays, sunglasses styles trend, not only is fashionable women dress up necessary sheet is tasted, do not underestimate its functional features. Glasses sunglasses factory expert reminds everybody, generally choose the polarized sunglasses is good, can not only prevent the harmful ultraviolet (uv) light, also can make the vision more clearly, can better appreciate the beauty.
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