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'Daddy where' cheng yixun with stylish polarizing sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
'Where dad' officially started, did not have the lovely handsome Kimi, no sweet but person of Angela, but a crayon small new sister, detonation point more than Yang Yangyang, let a person can't Feynman great goddess belle and handsome to and future, will bring us joy. Dad to go there in the second quarter in the first set of content, as the World Cup, hot tiankeng cup football match also passion mud, five teams of family of red and white two teams fight, more mysterious higher-ups huang jianxiang to force. Six proud of Eva live music: throw mud, full run with the ball. Huang jianxiang humorous explanation: 'you are not alone, you are a clay figurine in combat. Huang jianxiang site after gold unceasingly, also by the dads changed to play in a team and at the same time do the referee pit dad cup. Cheng yixun play traveling accompany of Eva, close the relationship between father and son, but so strong ultraviolet ray, sorrow is broken stars dads, cheng yixun dad equipment, retro hats + temperament gown + handsome sunglasses, let ultraviolet light to more violent point, also let the children play with more! Cheng yixun Chevrolet sunglasses CHS9006 - C3 - 1 the Chevrolet driving glasses focused on driving experience in 100. Not only has the strong light, the effect of uv protection, but also has the function of polarized light, let dad drive safer, Eva Eva more rest assured! Photo network if you want to delete, please contact
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