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'Daddy where' glasses couple kindness offered the refrigerator old red army man

by:Eugenia     2020-09-07
Dad go in the third quarter, in the second phase of the fathers led children to sub continent county, a small village in yulin city of shaanxi province, in village fathers you arrange for a local resistance old soldiers prepare wedding, and dads will face the challenge is to barter. Liu ye's challenge is to use a potato in a refrigerator, let liu ye big shout: 'too pull! 'And smile that he found a new path to riches:' if it can change to, later I will not take sport, and sent the light in potatoes. 'Although complaints, but he was put on the local migrant workers clothes, wearing a black box, to the county began his journey of potatoes in the fridge! Electrical appliances shop boss frame glasses, dressed in plain, but have a big love boundless benevolence is a promotion strategy taken by liu ye him with potato first change to a slightly more expensive items, and then go down until it in the refrigerator. I want to also! Liu ye in refrigerator success excited geothermal electric wife of shop-owner and the four eyes very like brother and sister do you have any task did not goes well, after repeatedly rejected, liu ye directly into an electrical shop, the boss is on the 'four eyes' husband and wife, the wife of shop-owner is covered with hair, a pair of square black frame on the face, give a person the sense with a knowledgeable, quiet. The boss of thin plate also wear a pair of glasses, give a person the sense of sincere steadfast. When liu ye in the barter after why ask the boss if I can use a little lighter in your things, how could the boss say 'we will give you what you want to change' the grandiloquence, let liu ye was too excited to express in words, say to the wife of shop-owner a big hug. 'The young beautiful and have good electrical wife of shop-owner photos from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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