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Daniel wu to attend the international famous brand glasses carrera conference

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
The international famous brand glasses Carrera fashion conference held in Beijing, makings beautiful anchorwoman Yang Zizhen was invited to host, also attended the brand spokesman Daniel wu sexy male god. That night, Yang Zizhen one hanging yarn dress dignified elegance, cinnabar red lip more add sexy enchanting, and the tone of this conference high-end atmosphere bring out the best in each other. Conference to start with, the fans excited mood. according and screams to break out. Host appealed for more powerful 'slogan to express warm oh. Fans listen chant 'YanZuYan progenitor, charm difficult resistance', in the male god wu's handsome appearance. As a spokesperson Daniel wu a play then wearing the classic brand sunglasses, handsome, son to hold the scene shot is also praise, provoked screaming fans. All is like a magic in a grand party, build the psychedelic colors red and blue light in photograph echo, the presence of everyone is immersed in the joy of freedom atmosphere, as brand advocates the idea of 'living in the moment, enjoy life'. Wu said, very grateful to the brand can choose him to speak, the brand originated in the 50 s Pan Am rally, the birth of it is to protect the safety of the driver, continues today has evolved into a classic, the design feels strong fashion brand, so significant.
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