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Daniel wu wear round glasses handsome into the heart

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Daniel wu this handsome as long as a mirror, fans are screaming to explode! He starred in the 'fuck off, tumor jun since release is to make enough the audience's attention. The Daniel wu's image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, especially his round glasses, his simple and honest, intellectual, restore ancient ways, dull image show incisively and vividly. The play is Ray - Daniel wu wear glasses Ban's a circular optical glasses, want to learn more about it? With small make up tempo to continue to read on! 雷- Ban( Ray-ban) Glasses have been popular and fashion of the handsome boy girls love fashion with it. Because of the agitation restoring ancient ways is popular in recent years, the unique circular glasses also is popular. 雷- Ban( Ray-ban) The round glasses series is a blend of modern and vintage glamour, using new technology and material, create more lightsome more modern work, will also be multicolored colour is blended in among them. The Daniel wu wear this is ray-ban RB5307D glasses. Smooth texture type box, exquisite fine metal mirror legs, super light super flexible close skin design, an increase in male god rocks at the same time, let a person relaxed and comfortable, fondle admiringly. In addition to Daniel wu paragraphs that grind arenaceous hawksbill, and glossy nubuck tortoiseshell and classic black, black three colors. Recommend a similar model: bamboo wood wild sichuan Z1603C05B hawksbill wave plate full frame picture frame ray-ban 70465365 hawksbill tide of paragraph TR90 frame sunglasses factory 703 titanium plate Y01 deep hawksbill myopia full frame round tide of box frame glasses
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