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Dark glasses and face good collocation is the concave shape artifact

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Today don't want to make up, wear sunglasses to go out! Panda eye dare not go out today, wearing dark glasses to go out! Today want to concave fashion model, wearing dark glasses to go out! Now, the sunglasses for many, is the facial features outside of the 'sixth organs', it is often used to modify a not perfect face, and cool play ShuaiAo modelling. But sunglasses to choose according to their own face, not parrot! In fact, the sunglasses just like hair can also be modified face. According to the facial contour, roughly divided into 6 kinds of face shape, with them and see what kind of face, need to follow the principle of what kind of match! 1, round face features: round cheeks, forehead assumes the circular arch type, and wider, chin round principle: so much more trenchant edges and corners of the glasses as appropriate for circle line is suitable for the type: suitable for rectangle or butterfly framework, but framework to slightly thick, lens color slants cold, color dark glasses have 'tightening' face visual effect. Error: avoid round, light or naive frame 2, square face features: wide wide forehead, chin, A very cool face) 。 Principle: complementary principle, the face is the party with a soft line to soften edges. Type: line downy picture frame, such as round, oval, can soften your facial lines, weakening the face edges and corners, add facial soft touch. Error: avoid corner square glasses so much, can appear otherwise you face too many lines. 3, heart-shaped face features: wide forehead and chin, chin is pointed, the heart shape. Principle: the original is a pretty standard of face, for a variety of sunglasses control ability is very strong. Most, however, if you don't want to face are hidden behind sunglasses, or don't choose picture frame is too big or too exaggerated style. Appropriate type: border round round glasses, can try nifty profusion color. Error: not suitable for special design, exaggerated glasses. 4, oval characteristics: face the part is located in the frontal area wide, smooth and symmetrically on both sides to the forehead and chin moved. Principle: oval face as equivalent to a perfect oval face, if the shape of the selected glasses, proportion is appropriate, elliptical face can be matched quite perfect, so most sunglasses are suitable for error: long and narrow rectangle frame, after all, it makes face look longer. 5, elongated face features: the high forehead, jaw more real, long chin also partial principle: face longer, choose a broad-brimmed or bigger picture frame can cover the lower part of the face to more, to break the longer-face straight line. Suitable types: ellipse, curve is larger, the rounded shape frame error: rectangle or tiny glasses 6, lozenge face features: high cheekbones, have stereo feeling, but it looks easy to give a person more image. Principle: the principle of complementary, make prominent cheek and zygomatic also can appear flat, concave part was high, thus forming a whole gently soft feeling. Type: the cat's eye shape, oval, long and narrow shape, half glasses, etc. , appropriate use warm color to make up the shortfall, make the contours of the mercurial becomes soft and full. Error: angular square frame sunglasses selection principle summary: good frames and face present complementary, facial lines, the round, picture frame should be Vietnam is, angular; On the other hand, your facial lines is founder, should choose soft lines, edges and fewer frames.
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