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Dear translation kanden rigorous, director of the black box

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
Is hit by Yang mi Huang Xuan modern urban love drama starring 'dear translator' director he impressed the audience very well, he told Messrs. cioffi encouraged the audience feel very warm heart. In this dear interpreter of the tian is a high school French department's biggest BOSS, affable, and often help Messrs. cioffi solve difficult, is also teacher also the role of friends. Let's look at the translator dear tian star huayin wang personal data. 'Dear translator' tian star huayin wang personal data: huayin wang, the Shanghai dramatic arts centre drama, film and television actor. Huayin wang in CCTV, municipality directly under the central government, and film and television agencies at the provincial level in the theme of works, created a many different occupation, personality artistic image; So far, 14 has starred in the movie, TV series more than 800 sets. Or co-star in the film and teleplay has repeatedly won the 'five ones' project awards, the ministry of culture outstanding picture; Golden rooster and hundred flowers awards; Who, the gold. Tian an appear, are basically straight suit and meticulous tie, hair care is also very neat, focus and a rigorous little black box, will he earnest rigorous work style and perfect foil. Tian this pair of black box is not more workplace girlies business frame, but more leisure style, the benefits of this kind of style is to apply to attend various occasions,, best to use a mirror, unapt too stiffness, not too casual, comfortable simple full frame black glass frame, tian taste good, oh. Crocodile L2725 man glass frame 001 black sunglasses factory 9812 c2 black box and white legs black box frames plank myopia frame small make up recommend restoring ancient ways of the two black boxes are with tian black-rimmed glasses style frames, rigorous little black box, you're worth it! More rigorous little black box can view to glasses sunglasses factory net, website: https://www. yichao。 Cn /
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