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Demonstration sunglasses how to make up for you

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
Sunshine, beach, the sun glasses is your weapon points, if you are a perfectionist, choose a pair of fashionable sunglasses at the same time, don't forget to learn to wear sunglasses make up a few tips oh ~ next small make up to demonstrate how these four sunglasses make up for you. 1, white frame sunglasses white frame sunglasses on the left side of the correct demonstration of the lips: white frame sunglasses can make skin more bright. To stress the aesthetic feeling of washs practice, daub after the Burgundy color of the lipstick, a lip gloss coat. Lipstick color with lens, can attract the line of sight, let face look smaller. Eye: keep original camber, filling, eyebrows, and sorting eyebrow eyebrow pencil outline. Touch with big brush cheek: take the cheek is red, deep cupreous from zygomatic besmear to his lips, and highlight the facial lines. Right with sunglasses are different makeup right we chose meimei watermelon red, not for the models using the deep cupreous cheek is red, stereo sense is instantly turned into plane ever! Who says a foreign sister face is very solid, must not look down upon tan blush! 2, transparent glass frame the lips: sunglasses on the left side of the transparent box right demonstration transparent frame sunglasses can make the face appear brighter, the lips painted with bright color of tomato, can make better effect. After coating the tomato color lipstick, a lip color fastens with color, coat can make lip color long lasting, and cover the lips wrinkles. Eye: want to highlight the transparent box with light mood, might as well according to their original camber modified eyebrows. Dab with the brush eyebrow powder, naturally draw a smooth curve. Cheeks: with the peach color cheek is red, starting from the frames with the points of contact face, has been applied to the near the cheekbones. On the right side of the same sunglasses are different makeup labial ministry chose phosphors, colleagues gave up blush makeup look, so the change is so big! Red lip goddess aura to reduce a lot of moment ever! 3, mirror sunglasses mirror sunglasses on the left side of the correct demonstration of the lips: select the mirror reflection of sunglasses, or brightly colored sunglasses, suggest labial makeup don't draw too prominent. Optional and apricot nude tonal and collates the lip contour. With a little brighter than the lipstick of labial line pen draw lip line, then daub lipstick, can make the effect more clean. Eye: with eyebrow pencil sketch the curve of the eyebrows. Cheeks: with rice white cheek is red, containing the pearl powder from temporal besmear to cheekbones, highlight the curve of the face. Paragraph on the right side of the same sunglasses right we give sister chose different makeup look lovely pink, match the same color of blush, effect is good dear friend, he saw small make up just want to say, you don't be so 'sheepishly,' the girl! 4, large Angle frame sunglasses large Angle frame sunglasses demonstration the lips: large Angle frame sunglasses can highlight the feeling of female beauty, with a lip brush touched take the pink lipstick like milk, from among the lips carefully painted to the lip line. This is, lipstick painted lip smaller than originally, can let the labial ministry show small, at the same time there is a lovely feeling. Eye: dab brown brow of shadow with the brush, apply a thick layer, then use the eyebrow cream texture finishing his eyebrows. Cheeks: with cheek red circle miraculously from zygomatic near the nose. The right side of the small make up the naysayers labial ministry of orange, we chose the minus age use on eyebrows eyebrow powder make the natural coarse eyebrows, reduce the shadow effect, friends? On the other side of the makeup look more of you? Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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