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Deng chao, YuBai eyebrow proud sunglasses attending high 'villain angel' conference

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
On June 28, deng chao and YuBai eyebrow teamed up to build the second film 'villain angel' fixed gear conference held in Beijing, deng chao and YuBai eyebrow is wearing a dress sunglasses at conference together. Deng chao a box green legs sunglasses are very fashionable wisdom, YuBai eyebrow a classic fashion frog mirror make whole person looks spirit, domineering foaming at the mouth! The conference in order to achieve the purpose of shock, two people as the director of this play deng chao and YuBai eyebrow two people also are spelled, first ride a motorcycle, after two people take a 'thugs' angel wing four helicopters from cool town, flying low over Beijing, happy valley, along the blue bay, Olympic sports center, Asian games village, wangjing, 798 landmark in Beijing area, and to the live webcast, eventually landing in the conference venue, announced the Numbers on the film set file with the fuselage on December 24, scene shocks, new idea. Regardless of the image after roll 'grass' show the conjugal love. Looked from a distance, the two dress to attend the sunglasses cool gentleman coming big step, let a person passionate, produced by deng chao YuBai eyebrow producer screenwriter, Connie director, film and television words singer generation lele starring 'the villain angel' on December 13, 2012 to January 2, 2013 in the people's liberation army opera house. This is bridled studio annual New Year the last game, also is a romantic comedy surrealism. One not careful, the two sunglasses male god direct promotion - — Male the world happy very day of the nerve, after landing at the scene of the conference, waiting for the plane take off again, after debugging through the fuselage schedule announced the Numbers on the film. Waiting for process, dressed in a suit, sunglasses, deng chao and YuBai eyebrow interaction on the lawn, deng chao is not only help YuBai eyebrow tidy clothes, two people also hold together the motions of parachute landing gay love 4 excessive, YuBai eyebrow couldn't help make fun yourself, 'you don't feel like it, like a wedding? The United States have legal '. Organisers described as a 'truly proud hi' in the history of the conference. Deng chao help YuBai eyebrow tidy clothes, two people loving two people embrace together through the motions of parachute landing gay love 4 pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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