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Depending on the glasses, such as the south Korean star of life

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Talking about the impression of Korean men, estimated that many people would say that to wear glasses, yes, put on a pair of glasses can show more gentle scholar temperament. So many Korean actor in order to reflect the elegant temperament often appear is 'four eyes', and natural open hole according to unexpectedly become the object of fans comments. So, you know those who absolutely can't take off glasses who has a south Korean star? Depending on the glasses such as life can you think of a few south Korean star? By south Korean netizens voted 'absolutely cannot take off glasses are' South Korea love song zi-cheng wang jing, in the KBS2 show 'two day and a night' of open hole according to be the topic of the netizens relishes. When a lot of people like to sound quality, see this photo, hey hey, feel serings also almost? This estimate so famous, everyone should know? South Korean national MC liu in stone but was named South Korea three open hole according to the top! Liu in stone to remove glasses just like the picture on the right shows the three words: 'fatal' effect. Won the 3 big open hole according to the second is just upper choi Daniel in recent years. The first time I heard his name, thought it was a mixed ast, perhaps is to use a skill, it turned out that he is a native of south koreans, wildest dreams or name. But he than liu in the stone, the difference is not very big, very lovely do you have any. Ha ha, the next was a MC, he is known as the small eye of South Korea MC Kim je-dong cough up, everybody already familiar to him. Isn't obvious wear glasses more have temperament? After a, small make up bring a surprise to you! Not only is the south Korean actor need glasses, and even South Korea cartoon penguin Pororo is also a penguin can't find out glasses! Members of the runningman HAHA hedong schoenberg was looks like Pororo many people say, he was known as the 'Haroro', became his representative image. However, to remove glasses Pororo did would not be so cute! So, sometimes wear glasses are really important, it is necessary to level points in appearance, temperament add cent! These 'visual spectacles such as' life basically is a lovely folds, Korean stars glasses belies their eyelids, slightly to add gentle temperament, small make up feel, both open hole and wear glasses, or did you feel important, of course, want to become more handsome and more beautiful, don't forget to frame glasses this plus big weapon! Small make up recommend two frames for everyone: new ray-ban real high-end plank of male and female in same myopia glasses RB5315D2000 black sagawa fujii plank + alloy 81233 tortoiseshell C221 tide model of neutral myopia frame
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