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Designer sunglasses, distinguishing true or false

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Designer sunglasses, expensive, how to discern between true and false? Should at least choose normal manufacturer, has a certain reputation of products. Because of counterfeit or shoddy, often without qualified inspection, quality cannot be guaranteed, such glasses not only failed to protect our eyes, long wear also can be a certain amount of damage to the eyes. One of the ways to identify true bogus: product code is very simple, sunglass is different from the fashion and luggage place is each style has an own product model and color code, the code is specially set by the manufacturer. BURBERRY ( Ba polly) A model for 8396 / S 0 ch7 OZ sun glasses, for example: 8396 / S is a product model, SUNGLASSES/S mean, is the abbreviation of SUNGLASSES, if there is no/S is ordinary frames, and there's a suffix/STS or STRASS, these are on behalf of those with a lot of the style of the diamond. 0 ch7 OZ, 0 ch7 is the color of the frame, OZ is the color of the lens, are factory Safilo Group set, every code on behalf of a different color. Here, 0 ch7 is Burgundy red, OZ is a dark red. Product if there is no model, or models and styles with the authority of the search on the Internet website of product model, nature is a counterfeit. So that the model is compiled in the replicas are now the prototype, there is another possibility is bad sellers bring someone else's true figure sucks, buyer received is similar to that of imitation. So good good sellers choose to have the pictures or word-of-mouth. Ray-ban RB3025 gold frame green piece of 112/19 colorful fashion leisure male big yards metal sunglasses identify the authenticity of the # 2: the certificate of Italy has many world famous glasses, and also has the world's leading manufacturing companies eyes. Safilo Group is the world's larger glasses manufacturer, headquartered in Italy, the most famous brand sunglasses are basically their products. Burberry, Dior, Gucci, Armani, Valentino, YSL, and so on brand glasses are produced by Safilo. They strictly control the marketing channel, refusing to give businesses the commodity wholesale, in the United States, the only access to the national related industry qualified optician, ability is qualified sourcing from safio oh, and there will be a specialist supervision, stores and specialty stores, don't allow malicious competition on the basis of the price. Friends stores in the United States is also under the strict management mechanism. So meager profit but high turnover sales way can only be done on the web, each pair of glasses factory Safilo accompanied by a copy of the certificate, can say produced by Safilo glasses are counterfeit brand without certificate. Some copy famous brand such as shenzhen processing, style can be realistic, certificate is not fake. After, never say you is true, is also to expect this psychological use by others.
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