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Detailed explanation of lens knowledge_Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-03
Generally, people who wear glasses know that the lens is mainly used in the glasses industry. It is composed of a piece of glass or a transparent material with multiple curved surfaces. Through it, we can make the object clearer, larger or more visible when observing the object. small. Today, the OJO glasses life editor collects some knowledge about lenses for you to help you understand lenses when you wear glasses in the future. Lenses can be divided into glass lenses according to their materials: they are more scratch-resistant than other material lenses, but they are heavier in weight and have a higher refractive index. The main material of glass lens is optical glass, so although it can absorb ultraviolet rays, its absorption capacity is relatively weak. Resin lens: Resin is a mixture of a variety of polymer compounds, so the melting point is different, can be divided into two kinds of natural resin and synthetic resin. Lenses generally made of resin are processed and polished, so the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays from sunlight can reach more than 95%. Space lens: also known as PC lens, it is currently the most impact-resistant lens in China, which can effectively prevent the lens from breaking during exercise. Its impact resistance is 10 times that of ordinary resin lenses and 60 times that of glass lenses. Special lenses: mainly progressive multifocal lenses, which are a new type of lens material. The design of this lens is inspired by the bridge of the human nose, that is, the refractive power increases gradually and continuously from the distance zone at the top of the lens until the near zone at the bottom of the lens reaches the required near-use diopter. The main types of lenses Colored lenses: also known as 'tinted lenses ype. Colored lenses: This lens has the same effect as colored lenses, but is different in the production process. It is to paint the color on the surface of the lens. The upper layer of the color is the darkest, and it gradually becomes lighter down. It is generally used for myopia sunglasses. The most types of lenses. Photochromic lenses: also known as 'photosensitive lenses, so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Polarized lens: This kind of lens is the best lens for filtering the ultraviolet rays of the sun and blocking various irregular glare. It mainly adds a special vertical coating on the lens, so it is called polarized lens, which is most suitable for sports at sea. , skiing or fishing and other outdoor sports. Anti-reflective protective lenses: These lenses are coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride to prevent reflections from strong light, allowing you to see things more clearly and not disturbed by strong light.
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